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Making a Difference through Music

The Positive Youth Tour is program of empowerment, music, and dreaming big. Headed by 23 year old Nashville performing and recording artist, Dani-elle, who has been touring high schools with her band talking about anti-bullying, her own stories with bullying and how she got past it, following her dreams, and the importance of making responsible decisions in life. Even with her busy schedule, Dani-elle still makes time to give back to the community. “The feedback is absolutely incredible,” she exclaims. “I've actually had students message me saying that I inspired them to go after their dreams and that makes me feel something that words can't describe. I share my own struggles with them and explain how I surround myself with the best of the best from my parents, to my team and to my friends."


To learn more about sponsoring the Positive Youth Tour or booking Dani-elle at your school contact us.

“The positive youth tour was and still is an AMAZING learning experience! The biggest piece I took from the program is, there will ALWAYS be someone that will try to bring you down to the lowest but you have to be a  strong individual and believe in yourself through thick and thin. Say to yourself 'I can do this!' There are also  many people who are there in a time of need. Don't shut them out because others put you down. Stand high and tall and show them  that their thoughts wont affect where you plan to be in life. If it doesn't matter in those 5 seconds, don't let it matter in 5 years”

-Scott B.-

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