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What the fans are saying.

The first time I heard you sing , you sang a Patsy Cline song it was awesome! I loved you then and I love you now.

Jane P.

Your lyrics speak to the heart and you believe in your music.

Christina M.

You are a positive role model for young people. You have talent but more importantly you work hard and manage to maintain your family values.

Karen D.

I think you are a inspiration to all singers out there that trying to make it. I love your voice the band is wonderful also keep up the good work.

Beverly K.

I love how true you are to yourself, your parents and to your music. Love your voice, your positive outlook, and your morals, don’t change Dani girl, we love you for who you are.

Kim M.

Dani-elle impresses me more and more every day with her mature & smart take on the music industry especially with her super sweet personality!

Chris B.

I love that your songs have a personal connection to your life.

Janet C.

You write your own music and you sing from your heart ♥. Love listening to it.

Cindy L.

Your songs always inspire me. No matter what song I listen to. You are inspiring artist and you connect with your fans on a whole other level that no one else does.

Jeremy K.

Since first hearing you, I was hooked to your music, Then I got to know you as person through your music and social media. How you connect with your fans.You are down to earth, true to yourself, true to your fans, tell it like it is, real genuine, kind, has an open heart, gives to others and share your life with fans. Your life is so inspirational and touches me and so many others.

Charles H.

Your Music cradles my soul in so many ways. Some songs bring me back to a place and time of my youth - often bringing tears to my eyes. Not bad tears, but tears of heartfelt moments that I’ve tucked in that very special place deep inside. Your voice, and persona are magnified over and over with each word and thought that come from your inner, most true, self.
You are compassionate, empathetic, and grounded. To know such a beautiful soul that carries the gift of music and song is a Blessing in of itself.
When I’m down - you have the magic to post exactly what I need to hear. Uplifting, positive, and forward moving in every aspect of being.
You are Beautiful inside and out. Your family ties are strong, just like your determination to move forward and win. And you will win. 
Song bird... Thank you for your most treasured gifts you bring to everyone, every day, in every way

Linda P.

Dani-elle is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful soul. You are true to yourself & your music & fans. You are a genuine kind, loving person. The most remarkable thing to us as Gianna's parents was when you brought Gianna out of her fear of loudness by bringing her on stage. Gianna has Autism & Sensory Issues. That being said, Gianna is afraid of a lot of different noises until she met you on stage at Russell Park & now Gianna wants to listen to music all the time. So you are not only talented in singing, but you have a GIFT to helping others.

John and Roseann D.

You are following your dream, you have a positive attitude, you do so much with your music! You never give up and you are a great influence to so many I LOVE ALL YOUR SONGS!

Sue L.

You’re an amazing singer and very talented and your music speaks from the heart. You're a great role model and I love that you are down to earth and have a beautiful heart and soul.

Marjory K.

You stay true to your roots and always inspire. Pennies from Heaven reminds me of my Pappy and Grammy and how they are always watching over me. Mariska said "Dani-elle's music gives her peace and you inspire her to always try and Dream Big." Then she said " Mom, Dani-elle has a true country soul and her music helps me focus and stay calm.

Heather R.

I think you are a inspiration to all singers out there that trying to make it. I love your voice the band is wonderful also keep up the good work.

Ellie K.

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