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What the fans are saying.

The first time I heard you sing , you sang a Patsy Cline song it was awesome! I loved you then and I love you now.

Jane P.

Your lyrics speak to the heart and you believe in your music.

Christina M.

You are a positive role model for young people. You have talent but more importantly you work hard and manage to maintain your family values.

Karen D.

I think you are a inspiration to all singers out there that trying to make it. I love your voice the band is wonderful also keep up the good work.

Beverly K.

I love how true you are to yourself, your parents and to your music. Love your voice, your positive outlook, and your morals, don’t change Dani girl, we love you for who you are.

Kim M.

Dani-elle impresses me more and more every day with her mature & smart take on the music industry especially with her super sweet personality!

Chris B.

I love that your songs have a personal connection to your life.

Janet C.

You write your own music and you sing from your heart ♥. Love listening to it.

Cindy L.